We are an established & professional steel detailing company that consists of steel detailers, modelers & checkers who bring years of dedicated experience in the steel detailing industry to ensure each project is done right based on our client's satisfaction. All projects shall be in compliance with the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) standards. We handle various sizes of steel projects that build structures for commercial-use, residential, industrial, schools & government projects, church & public facilities, and tenant improvements, remodel & expansion projects.

We offer quality steel detailing services in order to provide detailed drawings on the following steel items:
  • Structural Steel such as column supports, beam girders, steel braces, embedded plates & ledgers, anchor bolt setting plans & templates, removable/folding wall partitions, etc.
  • Miscellaneous Steel such as stairs, handrails & guardrails, gratings, ramp rails, ladders, gates, metal decking plan, etc.
We provide a wide range of structural and miscellaneous steel detailing services by using advanced 3D technology programs as well as the latest CAD applications to fit our client's needs such as:
  • clear & detailed erection plans, sections & elevations
  • accurate shop drawings
  • parts collation sheets
  • electronic data files (CNC, KSS, DSTV, DXF, etc...)
  • Advanced Bill of Materials
Please click on our Finished Projects page to view our previous works and sample drawings.